Marketing Slider


Marketing has the ability to help drive organizational change. But to be effective you must first create value, capture value and develop a plan to sustain value. This process can seem daunting, but the payoff is huge. A solid marketing communications plan aligned with goals and objectives will prove most effective. Relay Communications works to formulate a strategic plan that increases visibility and profitability. If budget is an issue, the many disciplines within marketing can successfully be used independent of a plan to garner increased exposure. Whether you need us to research and write a marketing communications plan, design branded marketing materials, or launch an email campaign, our goal is the same - to make your business thrive.


  • Research and analyze your organization and market
  • Develop strategic marketing plans
  • Implementation of marketing tactics
  • Create impactful marketing materials
  • Offer full-service graphic design capabilities
  • Setup email marketing accounts
  • Execute email marketing campaigns
  • Source thousands¬†of unique promotional products